[7.2] Date/Time picker doesn't automatically go to midnight?


In Kibana 6, the time picker would automatically set the time to 00:00:00 for "from time" and 23:59:59 for "to time" when you selected a date i.e:

However, in Kibana 7.2, it seems to not bother changing the time after you've gone from a preset date period i.e. last 30 days. There's now a time picker to choose a time (which can be useful) but it's extra scrolling and clicking which didn't have to be done previously:

Just wondering if this was intentional or a bug and if it's going to be changed at some point?


This is intentional, it's part of the new time picker implementation. If that original way of doing it was better, could you open an enhancement request in the Kibana repo?

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