Change date format in timepicker from 24 hr to 12 hour


I would like to change the time format in the date-picker in Discover, Visualizations and Dashboards from 24 hours to 12 hours eg. currently it's 15:30 16:00.... I would like it to show as 3:30 pm 4:00pm.

Could someone help with this customisation please?

You need to change the format in the index pattern.

Hi @AClerk,

I tried your suggestion for @timestamp but it doesn't seem to have worked, I also tried changing the settings in Stack Management -> Kibana -> Advanced Settings -> dateFormat:scaled and DateFormat but the time picker still uses a 24 hour format.


The time format in the black box is what I'm trying to change

Anything I've missed or anything else I should try?

I thought you wanted to format one of your fields.
AFAIK, this is not supported in Kibana.

Hi @AClerk,

I realised that I'd forgotten the screenshot only after your reply.
Sorry for the confusion.

That's what I'm afraid of I've been going through the source code as well trying to figure out whether I could make the customisation there.

Thanks for your replies anyways!

My boss is insisting that we somehow customise the time picker to 12 hour format.
Could someone help me with whatever code level changes I would need to do for the same?
Obviously this will be done at our risk and no blame will be appropriated to Elastic.

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