A chart to show: hour of the day vs delayed flight vs ticket cancelation

It should be good a dashboard like this.

So, how to build a chart from ELK demo data to show:

  1. hour of the day (via timestamp) vs flight delay vs ticket cancellation;
  2. hour of the day (via timestamp) vs flight delay vs delay type vs ticket cancellation

Could you point me some tips in order to create this kind of chart?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @adrianovieira! Sorry for the late reply, you may be interested in using a combination of Split Charts and Split Series with the Terms aggregation. For example, I've created this chart based on your 2nd request.

X-Axis: Timestamp
Split chart: Terms of Cancellation (because this is a boolean, it will only be two terms)
Split series: Terms of Delay (boolean again, so two terms)
Split series: Top 5 Terms of DelayType

You can modify this to visualize your first chart request removing the DelayType.


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