Build over build results comparision in ELK

We are trying to use ELK more like a reporting dashboard for our performance test runs.
Basically, we want to use ELK to visualize data from different builds. Each build will output the transaction names with average response times.
Fields i have: Transaction Name and Time Taken
Want a bar chart comparison which shows transaction Name in X-axis and time taken in Y-axis which looks like something below.

I have separate index created for each build data.

Hi @pavangovinda,

that shouldn't be too hard to achieve. Here is how I would go about that:

  • Index the transaction name and build name fields as type keyword to avoid problems with the full-text analyzer
  • Index the transaction time taken as a number
  • Create an index pattern that matches all build data indices
  • Create a "Vertical Bar Chart" visualization based on that index pattern with...
    • an "Average" aggregation over the transaction time field as metric
    • a "Terms" aggregation over the transaction name field as the first-level X-Axis bucket
    • a "Terms" aggregation over the build name field as the second-level "Split Series" bucket
    • the "Bar Mode" option set to "grouped"
  • Place it on a dashboard along with other related visualizations

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