A markdown to show which filter is applied


I am using Kibana 7.10.
So on a SUMMARY Dashboard lets say I have a table of subjects. I have linked the Subject names as such that clicking it takes you to the Subject Dashboard and filters that dashboard for the clicked subject.

When someone opens a page like this, they can only see the filtered value in the search box on top.

What I need is a markdown that also displays which subject the dashboard has been filtered to. Also, when I navigate to the Subject Dashboard without clicking on the URL drilldown for it, the markdown shouldn't show any filter or name. Is this possible?

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I don't believe you can pull variables out of the active URL in a markdown box like this, no. I'm not sure there's currently a way in Kibana to do this at all sorry.

Thank you for your help!

I have found a way around it. I added controls to the Dashboard>> applied a filter using the controls>> copied the url>> pasted it as the URL drill down for the required field.

Now, when anyone clicks on the Subject Name, they go to the filtered Subjects Dashboard and they can see the name of the clicked subject in the controls.

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