A question about the default user and a question for .tar package installed as system service

Hello community,

Here I have two questions:

A question about the default user:
As we know, after install the elasticsearch by RPM, we will have a default user (which is elasticsearch) automatically. But sometimes we want to use another name for the elasticsearch. It is because sometimes we have different companies using single machine. If we have different user, we can identify whose elasticsearch it is. How can we do that?

Second, after I installed the Elasticsearch RPM package, Elasticsearch can be started and stopped as system service, using command like ' service elasticsearch start' and ' service elasticsearch stop'. Does the .tar package have the ability to be a system service? Or should we do something to the /etc/init.d/ directory to make it happen? To imitate the /etc/init.d/elasticsearch that RPM package created, so I can create a /etc/init.d/elasticsearch file in the .tar way? By the way, I have tried to just change the path of the Es parameter like this,ES_HOME="/opt/elasticsearch-2.1.1"
And run the service, it says "elasticsearch (pid 20640) is running...", after several seconds, it says "elasticsearch dead but subsys locked".

I solved the second problem on my own. You need to delete the ES_ENV_FILE config. The first one remains a problem! Hopefully, someone can solve it.

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This isn't something that ES can manage, you need to do it on the OS level.

The only native multitenancy option for ES would be to leverage Shield.