Why elasticsearch creating the user and group elasticsearch

When we are installing elasticsearch in Redhat , then one user and user group is automatically creating by ES named elasticsearch .

What is the use of this user elasticsearch .

All ES files owners are this user elasticsearch

This is the user used to run the service when you start Elasticsearch via Sys V init or systemd (whichever is installed on your system). For the packages, we do not support running Elasticsearch via any other means than the services, and it it standard practice for server applications to have a dedicated service user.

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How to run with this user ?

By this command ?

systemctl enable elasticsearch
systemctl start elasticsearch
systemctl stop elasticsearch

The issue is solved .

First we have to create a user named "elasticsearch ". After that we have to install elasticsearch . Other wise if we are installing elasticsearch by another user , elasticsearch cant run under the user "elastisearch "

If we are installing ES by anyother user , ES will create a no login "elasticsearch " user in linux . That user we cant use.

But in installation document no where mentioned this thing . First create the user elasticsearch and install it.


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