Elasticsearch user creation

Before the elasticsearch installation , is there any need for creating a user named "elasticsearch " ( in Linux) ?

I know elasticsearch installation time elasticsearch will automatically creating the "elastisearch" user. But its a nologin user.

As you point out, it creates one for you.

The issue is solved .

First we have to create a user named "elasticsearch ". After that we have to install elasticsearch . Other wise if we are installing elasticsearch by another user , elasticsearch cant run under the user "elastisearch "

If we are installing ES by anyother user , ES will create a no login "elasticsearch " user in linux . That user we cant use.

But in installation document no where mentioned this thing . First create the user elasticsearch and install it.

You don't need to do this, the install process creates the user for you if it needs to.

But that is a nologin user . I cant login to that user . Without login how can I run ./bin/elasticsearch from elasticsearch user ?

If you are using a DEB or RPM then use your operating systems native service function/command.

This " systemctl start elasticsearch " command is also running under a user.

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