Ability to run ES queries directed at Kibana?

We often times use curl to run ES queries at one of the datanodes within our ES cluster. Is there a way to direct these to Kibana and use Kibana as a loadbalancer across all the ES datanodes? Today we have to either use F5 LB and create a endpoint URL to front all the ES datanodes or pick a single ES datanode to target our queries.

Have you tried using Console under Dev Tools?

Yes I'm aware of this. My question was more around if there was a way to use Kibana as actual LB instead of having to log into its UI to run these queries.

The console has a copy as cURL option on the wrench icon, when you select that it just shows a since data node in our cluster of more than ~15 nodes.

$ curl -XGET "https://es-data-01a.lab1.mydom.local:9200/filebeat-6.5.1-*/_search"

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