Access elastic search from remote api

I looked into many examples and documentation of elastic search. Most of the places, I find accessing elastic search from localhost. Some examples like: http://localhost:9200/_msearch. But isn't it possible to access the elastic search from the remote server?. If so how to perform it? I read something alike here: Is it possible to do ?

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Is it possible to perform this in python? I am working with a project and I need to get the information from the elastic search. I have read about this. How to change the network host there or else will there be any more options?

You cannot do it via the client, you need to configure Elasticsearch directly.

if so, how can I access it form a client (i.e the rest api and stuff)? and is it possible to configure it for multiple clients?

Once you change that setting you can access Elasticsearch from an external IP.

Thanks! But what about this link: Here it specified that we can access elastic search and run the Lucene queries with the following URI: https://CLUSTER_ID.REGION.CLOUD_PLATFORM.DOMAIN:PORT

and an example from the curl is also given. So, how is it different from the present scenario?

Are you using Elastic Cloud?

Thanks! for the reply, let me explain you my complete issue I want to access the data of is using elastic search) from an external Django based tool. I went to the console over bitergia project and tried running some Lucene queries and all of them worked. I want to run the queries now from the external tool. So I thought of performing an API request to the same URL like But I could not access API. So I am asking if there is any way to perform an API request and get the data? If so can you tell me the detailed procedure of how to perform it?

That depends if Bitergia provide the Elasticsearch APIs as open for you to query in this manner. You'd need to ask them about that, as if they do, they can also provide the URL.

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