Add a vertical Threshold line into a line plot

Hallo together,
Is there a way to print into a line plot a vertical threshold line?
A document of me looks like this:

In the lineplot I print the field value on the x-Axis and the y-Axis are the Unique count of max_value and min_value. So I get this lineplot

Now, my question is how I can print a vertical line e.g. in red, with the value from the field maxBorder. Therefore, I get a plot that looks like this.

It is also possible that I have outliers that are in this example right of the red line.
The goal is, that I can see if all unique count values under the maxBorder or not. The borderline should so high as the highest frequency of the unique count.

This are my metrics and axes options:

Have you looked at using TSVB ?

I didn`t find a way in the TSVB visualization, how I can produce my target visualization. Maybe you have a tip for me?

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