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Clicking on "Send Feedback" brings me here, so here I will leave my feed back.

When adding an agent. step 2 is "Download the Elastic Agent to your host" and step 3 is "Enroll and start the Elastic Agent". The combination of these are incomplete. You need to (at least when doing a Linux tar install) extract the file and then switch to the appropriate directory before you can issue the command in step 3.

The link in step 2 just takes you to a link a page with the executables. Which is not so useful on my desktop: I need to download the executable to the server. The install page here:
Nicely has the curl commands to download and the tar command to extract. It would be nice to have a "copy" button next to it, and it's lacking the cd to switch to the directory that just got created, but it's a lot more useful page to link to than the download page.

For clarity, step 3 should indicate the need to switch to the directory that was just extracted. Step 3 here does nicely have a copy button so I can easily cut and paste that command.

Anybody with more than a passing knowledge of how things work will be able to read between the lines and figure out what to do, but it would make it a lot easier if you just gave us the 4 commands necessary that we could easily cut and paste. The first two commands are in fact available on the page that you don't link to, and the fourth is right there on the Add Agent panel. So you're only missing the trivial "cd" and putting it all together in one place.

Just would be nice if you'd save me the 3 minutes it takes to search out the curl command when I come back to deploy another agent in x months...

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