Elastic Agent RPM and Fleet

Hi all,

i have installed elastic agent on a couple of linux servers. I used the rpm package from repository as installation source and restired the agend afterwards in fleet management.

The status of agents are Healthy and i'm able to administer the agents in fleet management.

Every time i did an update of the agents (e.g. 7.16.2 --> 7.16.3) i have to re-assign the agent policy to get the agent working properly again.

It that a know behavior ? Is there a simple solution instead of re-assign alle the policies within kibana ?


Have you tried using the Tar/Zip installer instead of the RPM?

I use this instead of the DEB packages in my case because it enables us to do upgrades from Fleet as recommended by the documentation. If you can reproduce it by removing the agent, installing 7.16.2 and then updating again to get your failed state, then you can install the 7.16.2 Tar/Zip and upgrade it via fleet to see if the same behavior happens.

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