Elastic agent RPM doesn't work, neither does Fleet anymore

elastic-agent-7.8.0-x86_64.rpm on centos 8.2 seems to be corrupt, it installs ok, but when you try to enroll it it seems to be looking in the bin directory for the config and all sorts:

$ elastic-agent enroll https://elastic.local:5601 X2x4VEQblahV0xXZDhZU0J6b2I6ajNRQmhblahblahUkktTXdGdw==
Error: unknown command "/usr/share/elastic-agent" for "elastic-agent"
Run 'elastic-agent --help' for usage.
unknown command "/usr/share/elastic-agent" for "elastic-agent"

$ /usr/share/elastic-agent/bin/elastic-agent inspect
open /usr/share/elastic-agent/bin/elastic-agent.yml: no such file or directory

After giving up and uninstalling it and rebooting, the "Fleet" link in Kibana now just sits there spinning, whereas before it went through the create user steps here. Is there a way to undo whatever that does to "reset" Fleet so its not broken?

The tarball got me slightly further (probably as it has ships with some config!) but doesn't seem to be able to cope with self-signed CA certs as created by certutil, but that's discussed here:

@EricDavisX did we test on CentOS yet?

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