Adding Custom Page

I have values that currently point to a single link for information lookup. I would like to send this data over to a custom page that has links for multiple sources of information lookup and would like the page to be hosted by Kibana, is that possible?

Data Table of Top IPs presented to user
User clicks on an IP
User is redirected to a page containing multiple information lookup sources
Each URL on this page contains a lookup and the IP in the URL (IE{{rawValue}} )

I'm not sure I totally follow, but I think you may be able to use the URL field formatter (in the index pattern settings) to accomplish something along those lines.

Let's say I made a webpage that is a bunch of URLs. Each URL involves a query for an IP address.

Now, lets say I am looking at the discover section of Kibana, which has a field whose value is an IP address.

I want to be able to click on the IP address and have it accomplish two tasks.

  1. Redirect to my custom webpage of URLs
    a. This page will also be hosted by Kibana.
  2. Each URL on my custom page has the query filled in by the value of the IP I clicked on.

Kibana doesn't allow you to host custom web pages, but you could build a plugin if you wanted to accomplish something like that.

You could use the URL field formatter to make it so that clicking on the field will redirect you to a different page.

I realize that and we use it today, but having a single URL to go to is the restriction I'm trying to get past.

Sounds like what I'd like to do is not possible without a lot of customization.

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