How to open URL fields in same window (Kibana 4.1)

(Pieter Agenbag) #1

I'm using kibana 4.1 and want to have URL formatted fields open in the same window/redirecting the window?

What I'm trying to achieve is : I have a Kibana dashboard .. one of the fields is for instance an IP.
I'd like to be able to change the context of the dashboard to an IP focused one - different graphs and things - when a user clicks on an IP.

The URL formatting seemed ideal for this and I created a wrapper page which embeds different Kibana dashboards as an iframe depending on the parameters it is called with.... but now each time the user clicks on something a new page is opened >_<

Plleeeeease say there is a sollution.
Kibana is fantastic , but feels like everytime I want to do something 1degree off the path I just keep hitting my head against obstacles.

EDIT: I ended up recompiling kibana to take the target="_blank" off the URL formatter and logging a request on git... of course this is a very hacky approach , but will hold me over till later.

(Mark Walkom) #2

This is something that could potentially be handled using a config setting. I'd encourage you to raise an issue on Github on this :slight_smile:



Do we have another solution now other than recompiling Kibana?

(Pieter Agenbag) #4

Nope, not as far as I know. I checked the 5.0 beta but still couldnt find anything like that.

I'm still running my custom 4.1 build - just waiting for 5.0 release , then I'll have to port all my little patches into that again

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