Kibana discover url link click naviagte to custom url

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Above is how my data looks like in old implementation.Now I'm using jdbc plugin in logstash to parse this data and send to elastic index.Now the data in table is simple value.
Now I would like to click on this and navigate to my own custom url.
ex click:->5oE13....AC6->route to http://customweb:9800/custom/home.

I would also like the url customweb and port 9800 should be configured from some configuration so that everytime user dont need to do it manually in url template.
Note can't use env variable in os for some purpose.

Any suggestion would be helpful.

ELK 7.9.1


This can be achieved by defining an URL field formatter for a field:

Navigate to Stack Management > Index Patterns page. Press "Edit" for your field and configure an URL formatter.

Hello @jughosta ,

Thanx for you your time to look into this and for guidance.I'm aware of above solution , but challenge I see here:


In elastic document it should just show abc as hyperlink and on click of this route to:


Here my requirement is to configure this url dynamically, so that user don't need to come to kibana everytime to change the host(abc) and port(8089).I'm trying to find a way to manage this through some configuration and not getting it how to do it.

My deployment of elk is automatic i.e through installer and user will never come to kibana to do such cahnges if host and port is to be updated.This should be updated through some configuration setup.

Can you help further to resolve or suggestion.

The URL template input is used to configure a link href. Make sure to add {{value}} to it too.
The Label template input below is to set a custom label for such link. Try to save with {{value}} as Label template.

There is an option to dynamically update field formatters via API

Ok,still I don't see the solution to this.
I simply need to update the host and port for entire url through some config.
If you understood me correctly ,my intention is to dynamically create a url based on some config wherein the host and port in url template is to be updated through some config define.
I'm not sure how one can do it with above link shared.

Kibana at times really dosen't help in such small requirements.
I will try to do this with code implementation.Write a script,define variables for host and port,construct url and send to
elastic index.This may work.

Again appreciate your time on this.

Many Thanx.

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