Adding Links to a Dashboard When the Linked Dashboards are in a Different Space

Hello! I am working on a Kibana dashboard (version 7.17) that contains links to two other dashboards. One of the links works, however the second linked dashboard exists in a separate space. Also, depending on the environment in which the dashboards are viewed (e.g. development, staging, and production environments might have different spaces for the same dashboard). How can I include the proper space for and URL for the linked dashboard that exists in a separate space?

I have one more question regarding a potential solution which I am unsure will work: can I monitor the current URL of the dashboard being rendered in the iFrame, and using state data belonging to the dashboard, alter the URL as necessary to correct the URL so that the link functions properly?

Other than Drilldowns, there is no automation around linking between dashboards until this new effort started earlier this year (and it is still in the works)

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