Sharing dashboard links (markdown widget) across spaces

I'm using the metricbeat generated dashboard "[Metricbeat System] Overview ECS", but I need to make copies of this dashboard to monitor machines related to each team separately.
After adjusting the dashboard IDs in the markdown widget for each team everything works fine, but when i copy these dashboards to other spaces, the newly created dashboards have a different IDs, so i have to keep adjusting the markdown widgets for each space after copying.
So my question, is there a way to make the dashboard ID constant for all spaces? or use another unique identifier that will not change across all spaces?

Note : "share to other spaces" feature is not available.

You can create links using a links panel. More info here: Create links to other dashboards | Kibana Guide [8.12] | Elastic

Hello Lukas,
I'm using basic license, creating drilldown links is not available. If possible, I only want to use a constant to replace the dashboard ID.

Default space ==>

Infrastructure space ==>

because of different IDs, i need to configure the link markdown "Infrastructure System Overview" for each space.

Does anybody have a solution to this? I have checked the documentation but didn't find anything related to making "IDs" static