Adding more log directories to System Integration

Heres what I have going on. I have created the elastic stack 3 nodes +a kibana Node which also is serving as my fleet server. I can deploy agents to new servers and endpoints and collect data from them. Unfortunately one of my my systems cannot install the agent... Custom Vendor OS, no big deal. I have exported the logs from that server to a directory in my Kibana server. I have added this new directory to my system integration /home/SA/logs/*. Infortunately this does not seem to be able to grabe the new log files after deploying the changes.

I'm pretty new to Kibana and the elastic stack so I'm wondering if I am missing something here?

I followed this guide but not sure if I misunderstood something.

The log files are in .txt format and each day has a unique file name. I can easily convert these to .log if needed.

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