Adding new nodes to the cluster

Hello team,

I got a cluster running on SSL and now I want to add couple of more nodes and load balance kibana.
How should I proceed. For ssl certs I have used the elasticsearch cert tool.

Hello Karthik,

It might be helpful to review the default settings in the this documentation. Even if you're not using docker compose, it should be helpful in terms of network and environment settings.


Hello Aaron,

First thing, If I am adding new kibana nodes which means I need to create new certs which means if I used the process which you shared, I will end up getting different ca.crt which will invalidate with all other hosts of the stack.

Second thing, the link wont give me on how to load balance the kibana nodes.
Would you be able to give me some inputs to add new hosts to the same ca.crt that is already in the stack.
and the default setting of kibana to load balance.


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