Adding Scripted field through Kibana , apping fails in ElasticSearch


I am trying to create pie chart for Apache logs, I have passed logs through logstash and could see server_response field which I created to see the response status for visited sites. I am not able to find server_response field under visualization while using the histogram to prepare 200 response code graph.

Can you please let me know how I can see server_response field under visualization, I can add the same field while running search on discover.

I tried creating scripting field from Kibana as doc[server.response].value. It starts reflected under visualization but I am getting error in elastic search.

No field found for [server_response] in mapping with types

You probably want to use a terms agg for that field.

Either way, can you share the mapping for the server_response field? Is elasticsearch storing it as a number?

Thanks Spencer. I was able to fix the issue. I needed to refresh my index fields to populate the required fields.

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