Issue with visualizing a field in Kibana even when elasticsearch has its mapping


I'm using Kibana and can filter for some specific values, but failed to filter some other fields.

The following screenshots illustrate the current issue: I can successfully filter the value "http.Request.uri". On the other hand, the error pops up "This field is present in your Elasticsearch mapping but not in any documents in the search results. You may still be able to visualize or search on it." when I try to filter the value "Host". I can see that field under 'popular' section of Discover page.

Besides, I want to filter the "value" in "httpRequest.headers"value but do not know which way to do it.

I'm just starting to use Kibana recently. So hope to receive your kind advice.

I think that I've figured out the problem here. As with the field "Host", it belonged to a scripted field. As stated by Elastic, you cannot search such field "You can use scripted fields in visualizations and display them in your documents. However, you cannot search scripted fields".

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