Adding second Y-axis to stacked bar graph

I have a stacked bar graph made for the following data,
The bar graph looks like this,

I'd like to add another Y-axis to divide the graph based on months.
How do I do this ?
I use elasticsearch7.3.2 and kibana7.3.2

What exactly do you mean by "another Y-axis"? You could use a "Split series" bucket which uses a monthly date histogram to split all of the positions you have by month as well - P001 will become P001 January, P001 February, P001 March and so on.

However as your chart is already really crowded it might make more sense to use a "Split chart" bucket and have a separate chart per month below each other.

What I wanted was the current graph split across different months, I think split chart would work, however my tool tip looks like this,

Why is the month value like that and Is there a way to change the value that is shown ?
Thanks for your help.

This is definitely a bug. I can't find the issue right now, but I just tested in the latest version and it doesn't happen there - upgrading your stack is probably the simplest solution.

I will try upgrading my stack and check. Thanks.

I upgraded my elasticsearch and kibana to 7.7.1 and this still happens. Could the problem be something else ?

Could you export your visualization and share the file here? Just to make sure I'm seeing the exact same thing as you./

Sure. This is the link to the NDJSON file of the visualization.

OK, I can reproduce now, thanks for the visualization. I didn't test with "Split chart", but with "Split series". This is definitely a bug, I reported it here:

Till then using "split series" is probably your best option.

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