After a ELK upgrade , index patterns are retained in kibana UI where the filters are disappeared


I am trying a elk upgrade from elk - 7.8.0 to same version of elk 7.10.2 . after a successful upgrade , I could see the index patterns are available which were created in elk - 7.8.0 . But the filters which were created in elk - 7.8.0 are disappeared after the upgrade.

Where do kibana store the filters created? does it gets store in some temporary memory or in cookies in the browser ?
Does kibana store these filters as part of saved objects in .kibana_1 index ? Because when I create some filters in kibana UI , I don't see any increament in .kibana_1 index's docs.count .

Could anyone help on this issue? Thanks.

Can you elaborate on what you are calling "filters"? Are you talking about saving a query, saving a search or something else entirely? Screen shots would help a lot.

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