After installing kibana 6.3 from previous 4.4.4 , service failed

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Previously, I have install kibana 4.4.2, everything is working fine. After that I am installing kibana 6.3 and by default remove 4.4.2. When try to start the service I got below message :

Failed to get properties: Access denied

When I look in journalctl -xe -u kibana, the last message is :

Jun 13 21:44:24 localhost.localdomain kibana[6550]: {"type":"response","@timestamp":"2018-06-14T01:44:24+00:00","tags":[],"pid":6550,"method":"get","statusCode":304,"req":{"url":"/plugins/kibana/settings/sections/about/barcode.svg",

What is actually the error here ?

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Have you upgraded Elasticsearch to version 6.3 as well?

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Yes. I have upgrade to the version 6.3.0

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After synchronize elk ... every service is up

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