Access is denied

I have my Elasticsearch running on the default port and am able to login, so that is running fine.
I downloaded the from official elasticsearch site, extracted it to desktop, and tried running kibana.bat

This is what outputs to console...

Access is denied.</>

I have checked the user permissions under properties, and I have all admin permissions. I tried "Run as Administrator.", and that did nothing. The forums and guides etc. that I find on google have no solutions.

My first post btw, sorry if I used the </> wrong

Depending on your machine, sometimes running an exe from your desktop can be prohibited.

Can you rename the kibana-8.8.2 folder to kibana and move it to C:\Users\\%USERNAME%\Kibana ?

Then try the batch file again.

You can also try and move the Kibana folder to the root of C:\ if you have permission.

Is this the docs that you checked?

Moving it to those locations takes away all my permissions, I can't ls to list the items in the folder. I moved it back to Desktop, and now I can do ls again. Is it possible that third party software causes this? Like application monitoring/anti-virus etc.

Its always possible that AV gets in the way :sweat_smile:

If you have an AV - you may want to add your kibana folder to an exclusion list and give it a try.

It's surprising that you lose access when the folder is located in your \Users%USERNAME% folder since that is your user directory.

I ended talking to our Internal IT and Architect, they sorted it out. It was one of the AV software Agents causing this, the laptop I'm on is a Windows OS, so we have a lot of agents and stuff installed on here to monitor etc.

Great to hear!

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