Agent can't sent data to host

Agent can't sent data to host

Behind Agent config "Default config" haven't "rev. xx"
and status swap to offline

Error Message
Application: endpoint-security--7:9 3 [abe34abd -8a88-4f6e-942c-87 442addd7 aa]: State changed to FAILED: operation 'Exec' failed:

exec failure can mean few reasons but it's happening during installation.
the version you're trying out is pretty stale and there were some bugs related to both agent and endpoint.

most of them are described in this issue: 7.11 BC2 Elastic Agent on Windows 10 goes 'unhealthy' and doesn't report any in-UI logs to ES · Issue #23402 · elastic/beats · GitHub
to see if it's endpoint related you may find endpoint installer and try running
./endpoint-security install --upgrade --resources --log stdout --log-level trace this will give us a better details about what's going on

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