Aggregate count for the day

I created a visualization which works fine for the time period set against KQL search bar. I want to display this visualization on the dashboard which has a refresh cycle of 30 minutes, but this visualization need to show the data for the last day/24hrs. How can i do that. So even if i change refresh to any value this visualization should always display last days aggregated count. I am using filebeats with panos module.

Hello @edvrfn,

Which version of the elastic stack are you running?

You can set the dashboard refresh separately from the time range selected -


@mattkime May be i was wrong in saying refresh cycle, i should have said time range. I want data to be displayed for whole day even though time range is last 30 minutes or whatever for specific data. I am using 7.6.

In your dashboard, click on the ellipsis in the upper right hand corner of the visualization in question. You can set a custom date range.

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