Aggregate docs to present a single constructed visualization

(Brandon Biondo) #1

I'm reading in a log that records meeting metadata. It has all sorts of stuff, but I only care about two things. Something like this:

2018-05-04 14:50:01 eventType=MeetingStartedEvent meetingID=1234 eventTime=14:48:00
2018-05-04 14:56:45 eventType=MeetingEndedEvent meetingID=1234 eventTime=14:49:37

So I've constructed a query that grabs only the data I need:

eventType:"MeetingStartedEvent" OR eventType:"MeetingEndedEvent"

The only thing that seems like it might work is Data Table. My metric is useless, but at least I can use term aggregation to get buckets of 2 items each based on the meetingID. Problem is now I have no idea how to get from there to a unified presentation of the data. Something like this:

MeetingID StartTime EndTime

I've read up on scripted indexes and that doesn't seem like it will solve my problem. Is this even possible?

(Nathan Reese) #2

There is no way to join documents in Elasticsearch. How are the documents getting added to Elasticsearch? Maybe that process could do the join and only write a single document per meeting?

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