Alerts on derivatives in elastic

I am trying to create an alert when average of my derivative data exceeds a threshold, but am not able to figure out how to do calculations on returned values in kibana

Grafana graph of the data looks like this , i am trying to create alert when latency is above 300 ms

Details of my grafana query are below

I can easily create on simple conditions like errors , but dont know how can i handle derivatives like above for alerting


Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

HI, thanks for writing! I *believe you're referring to these derivatives, yes? If you have the data, then you can use a Kibana Alerting rule type of Metric Threshold or Index Threshold perhaps?

Can you elaborate if you have tried those and if they hadn't worked?

If you have the derivatives and the are only calculated at run-time it is possible a run-time field is what you'd need to create in order to make use of the data as such.

I hope this is helpful, at least to review what we know and what doesn't work. Hit us back with more details as desired.


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