All nodes green, cluster yellow (or green?)


I'm running ElasticSearch 6.8.(mix of 8 and 10).

Kibana shows that all nodes are green, but cluster is yellow.

Graylog disagrees with Kibana - "Elasticsearch cluster is green".

What's happening, what should I fix and how do I prevent such a thing?

You should not run mixed version clusters as it can interfere with shard allocation. Upgrade all nodes to the same version.

Thank you. I thought about it, but was busy with lots of other tasks. Will try tomorrow, I was planning to upgrade anyway.

Right after I've upgraded a master node to 6.8.11, cluster became Green. As far as I understand the result, master should not have older version than other nodes. Others can have different patchlevel.

All data nodes need to have exactly the same version. It is therefore recommended to have ALL nodes on exactly the same version.

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