Alternate way to Import dashboard (index name / index id)

I have multiple dashboards and multiple indexes in my ELK setup(6.3.2). Now, I have a dashboard dashboard1 created against index index1 which I was able to export successfully.

Am running another instance of ELK(6.3.2) where I want to import dashboard.

When I try to import it asks for a matching index (I understand that dashboard is mapped to an index id not to index name). So I selected a similar matching index and it works fine.

I don't want to import it everytime when I create new instance. I would like to have the dashboard pre-configured with ELK as like default dashboards in metricbeat.

Questions are,

1.Is there anyway that we can configure the json(dashboard) so that when beat gets started dashboards are available by default.?

  1. Is it possible to map a dashboard with index name instead of index id? If so, how?

  2. In metricbeat, though index is same (index: metricbeat*) but index id is different for each new instances right? How does that work?

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