An error occurs when executing webinar_app plugin on IE11

When I display the plugin of webinar_app with kibana 6.0.0 and select any visualize,the following error is displayed.
When selecting the second time, the following error is displayed.

However, in Internet Explorer 11 of Windows 10, an error is displayed, but it is not displayed in Google Chrome.

Please tell me how to avoid this error.
And could you solve this error with the next minor version upgrade etc?

Thank you.

Does this happen no matter what type of visualization you select? If not, what visualization type did you select, that caused that error? If you place the same visualization on a dashboard, it won't throw that error?

Nevermind, I was able to reproduce this, and we will look into it. Thanks for reporting that.

I've also created an issue for fixing the actual wrong behavior (because the webinar app is just a trigger in that case). You can follow it on kibana/#15146.

Thank you for your quick reply and investigation.
I hope this bug will be resolved as soon as possible.

I also posted other issues that occur with the same trigger, so please investigate also.

Thank you.

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