Angular JS App using ES 5.2 upgrade to 6.x

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Hi, I'm relatively new to ES and I've been put in charge of an Angular JS application that runs Elasticsearch v 5.2 queries to then use in data visualizations.

I'm wondering whether to upgrade to version 6. It seems like there might be a lot of work involved, in terms of the upgrade itself but also breaking changes like the new index structure, which would result in me having to update the js app to be compatible.

So, my questions are:

  • Is there a way around updating the app to be compatible with ES 6, and instead using some kind of adapter/converter that will act as a middle man between the app and the ES 6 cluster?
    The reason being, I need to have two versions of the ES cluster (version 5 and version 6). So I'm wondering if there's some kind of adapter that can take the ES queries within the JS application and query both the version 5 cluster, but also manipulate the queries to be compatible with ES v 6.
  • Are Elasticsearch v6.x's features even worth all the workload?

Sorry if my question is really niche, I just don't know where to begin!

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