[ANN] Date histogram facet grapher plugin

Hi all,

I've hacked together a small site plugin, which allows you to draw
date histogram facets easily. It uses nvd3.js, a small library on top
of d3.js for graphing the charts. You can get the plugin (including
installation instructions) at

After you've installed it and open
a request to the cluster state API will be issued and every index and
types which do have date fields will be available for selection to

Apart from that, there is not much magic involved, so feel free to try
it out and change it as you like.

Regards, Alexander

P.S. Is anyone is up to backbone or ember.js and willing to help me to
build this as a real MVC app, I would be up for hackathon anytime.
I've currently build a working hack, but not a real application. But
I'd love to rebuild it, should only be a few lines refactoring for
someone fluent in javascript mvc frameworks.