Anonymous Viewer unable to see links panel

I recently updated my dashboards with a links panel. I have anonymous viewing set up with read permissions on a subset of dashboards to enable users without explicit logins to view some basic dashboards. The links panels on these dashboards only links to other dashboards for which this user has read permission.
Expected behavior: a user logs in with the anonymous user and is able to navigate using the links panel to the dashboards for which the user has access to.
Actual behavior: the links panel is not visible to the user, instead there is a blank tile with a red carat. Navigation still works via the hamburger navigation pane.

This seems like a privilege issue for the user, but wanted to throw this up on the forums to see if anyone has encountered this before.

Hello, @A_Sto!

It sounds to me like you are experiencing this issue - as a quick summary, the Links panel had a bug where, if the panel was saved to the library, all users viewing that panel had to have the "Saved Objects Management" permission enabled in order to see the contents.

If this is what you are experiencing, unlinking your panels from the library would resolve this - however, the fix for this bug should be available starting in 8.12.1. At that point, users will be able to see the links panel regardless of the "Saved Objects Management" permission.

Sorry for the inconvenience :bowing_man:

Hello Hannah,

Thank you for taking the time to address my post and for your suggestions. I'll give them a try when I am able to access the workspace.

@Hannah_Mudge I am able to confirm that unlinking the object from the library has cleared up the issue I was experiencing. Thank you so much for your suggestion. We’re tied to 8.11.3 for the moment and this has saved us from rolling back this feature.

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