Anotation on average values in Visual Builder

In visual builder I use time series to see the average of values over time.
I want to put anotation if average value is less than an arbitrary value.
Is it possible to do that in "anotation" ?

For example, I have documents with fields : "name" , "timesamp", "note"
I show average note over time.
I want to put anotation with red vertical line if average note is less than 10 for example.

Thank you.

There is no way to do it by default but I think I found a pretty good way to achieve it.

  1. Create a rollup job on your data that gets the values for the average. This will create a pretty small index with those values.
  2. Add that index as the source for the annotations and set the query as the name-of-avg-field > value.
    Now you should be able to display those lines only when it's larger than that value.

This should be available on Kibana v7.2 and above.

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