Any best practices documentation on how to bring up elastic cluster multiple client nodes

Hello folks,

Read up on varioius nodes (client, data and master) that are part of Elasticsearch cluster.

Is there any documentation on how to bring down Elasticsearch cluster and bring back up? I read about gatewary.recovery settings in the elasticsearch.bat file.

I was wondering if there are any use cases/documentation about how to maintain ES cluster?

I am trying to learn about the administration of Elasticsearch cluster.

Thank You


Thank you for the link.

But I am more interested (not about Elasticsearch upgrade) on how to bring up (steps) to bring up elastic search cluster after maintenance activities happen on a periodic basis. IT folks apply the OS related security patches on periodic basis. After they perform maintenance, if I am Elasticsearch admin, are there any steps that are documented to bring up the elastic search cluster?

i read something about gateway.recovery settings in YAML file.

So many companies are using ELK stack and so I was hoping if there is some documentation/best practices to bring up the cluster.

thank you

This is the same process but just don't do the upgrade step.

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