Any replacement of Kibana Iframe

Hi all,
I am using Kibana 6.3.1 version.
Right now sharing Kibana Visualization with my personal website using Iframe method.
But Iframe is kind of time consuming. It is taking around 10-15 seconds to load all visualizations. And from next time, again taking 10-15 seconds to load.

My use case is :- There are 20-30 visualizations as of now sharing on website.

Any help in this about how to make sure visualization should load faster or any other way to share or visualize elasticsearch index data as reporting to third party website.


You could use x-pack reporting plugin to generate pdf reports and then embed those into your website.

Just for information, are those PDF report will be update when data in ES index will get update?

no, but you could periodically generate those reports

Yes, I checked. We can generate report automatically after fixed interval.
Thanks for your information. Let me know how to embed PDF report with my Website .

Another issue I want to point in this :-
As of now, due to Iframe using , IP address is getting exposed. is there any way to hide it to make sure other can't able to check my Kibana UI IP address.


if you will generate pdf reports, you could copy them to the webserver, so you won't need to share your kibana ip with users.

i won't be able to help you with embedding pdf to your website here, but check with google, it should not be that hard.

Haha. Yes bro.. I will check..
Thanks for your help. :slight_smile: :blush:

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