Export kibana report to outer world!

what I am trying to do here is to export one particular graph to my project.

my Kibana-dashboard:

I just want to add "[Logs] File Type Scatter Plot" box to my project (PHP).

my sample mock-up is like this

I am hoping some API, CSS, js plugin is there. so I can create a report in Kibana and generate some API to use as it is in the local project.

** I don't know if this is possible or not..just want to confirm this.

@inandi The closest thing Kibana currently offers to this is either exporting the visualization as a PNG (which is obviously not what you are looking for), or embedding the visualization in another application via an iframe (which requires putting the appropriate security restrictions in place to ensure your entire Kibana instance is not opened up to anybody visiting the application with the iframe).

These options are both available when viewing an individual visualization by selecting Share toward the top of the screen.

One other thing worth mentioning is that starting in 7.5, Canvas added the ability to share workpads in other sites which I think is closer to what you are describing here. This was possible because we developed a custom runtime for Canvas which could run outside of Kibana. However, such a runtime does not currently exist for Kibana, which is why the iframe approach is what most people use in the situation you describe.

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Thank you @lukeelmers for your kind reply. I think i have to wait for more this kinda feature get live till then I need to use my own CURL and CSS :slight_smile:

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