Any Updates on Controlling Access to Jobs In Kibana ML?


I have seen posts about controlling access to ML jobs. How can we stop all users from seeing other user's jobs? Any movement on this in 8.9? Have tried using the custom index name and etc. to no avail.

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Thanks for your question @johnlbellamy . Are your users accessing ML through Kibana? If so, Kibana spaces allow you to organise your jobs into categories, and control which users can see which jobs.

Hi Peter. Thank you. That is the route we settled on but unfortunately it will necessitate the creation of lots of spaces. It would be great if we could control access at the view level as we do everything else in Kibana. One can lack access to some view yet still see the statistics from anomaly jobs and fields in the data even though they don't have access.

The specific scenario that is a little frustrating is imagine you have data with a region field. We create users who can only view some regions. Obviously, if we create a job based on one view all users in all regions would be able to see all data in the job. This means we would have to create a space for each region. Not ideal at all.


In order to restrict access to ML job information for individual users in Elasticsearch 8.9, you may need to explore more advanced access control settings or consult Elasticsearch's documentation for specific guidance on this issue. Custom index names can help, but a comprehensive solution might involve further configuration. Good luck! AC Football Cases

I appreciate your answer but I do not think this is a helpful solution, because 1) when you give users the ability to read ML jobs in the analytics section it appears that they are given access to all of the .ml indices including those that include custom in the name I might add. 2) The documentation does not address this issue at all. Not in an effective way at least.

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