Security roles not working for ML issue

I'm currently frustrated at the ML permissions.

I've given one user access to the ML page on kibana, but I'd like the user only to be able to access the .ml index that I created for that user. I followed the directions of this post and created a single role for this user and a dedicated index in one of the ML jobs: How to separate Machine Learning jobs in Kibana per user - #2 by rashmi

But I'm finding that even with NO restrictions, the user is still able to access ALL of the .ml data. The user has no cluster privileges, and the index it is allowed to read doesn't exist (apple). And yet on the ML page, this user is able to access all data from all jobs. Please help. I'm trying to prevent users from seeing other ML results, but it doesn't work.


To replicate, create arbitrary ML job, create a new user, and create a role that gives them access to dashboards and ML. Don't give them any other permissions. They should be able to access any existing ML jobs, which is not expected

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