No way to set ML access in roles

Not sure if I'm missing something super obvious, but when I try and create my custom role that will only show dashboard and ML tabs/apps, I get the note that:
To grant users access, you should also assign either the machine_learning_user or machine_learning_admin role.

I get it, and it's useful to know, but how can I then make this role include the ML tab as well? There's no where to click!

Hi @seanziee

We are working on it, but ML is not yet space aware. Privileges must be given to the user in Kibana Management / Users and Roles.


A full list of privileges for ML is here

Hope this helps

@sophie_chang how would I set up a user to only see the ml tab and the dashboard tab for example?

Create a Kibana space (called "Analysts") in which only the ML and Dashboard tabs are visible:

Create a role (perhaps called "analysts") in which that role is mapped to that specific Kibana space, and give the necessary privileges:

Create a user (perhaps called "analyst") that is mapped to that "analysts" role, but also adds the machine_learning_user to their role

when the user analyst logs in, they will see:


Awesome, thanks!!!

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