API call to fetch kibana dashboard along with data in json format

I am trying to generate the json file for kibana dashboard. I am trying this command but this gives me only the dashboard of the design. How can i get the data?

curl -X GET 'http://demo.icebreaker.minutuscloud.com/kibana/api/saved_objects/dashboard/e39bd850-fe00-11ed-8409-8541bc1e01bc' -H 'kbn-xsrf: true' -u elastic:password

I will be using this json in zabbix. So i want it along with data.

The dashboard itself is not tied to the data, since the data can change from time to time. To get the actual data, you'll have to inspect each element in your dashboard, copy the request it is making, and make each of these requests manually to Elasticsearch.

It worked!! Thank you so much :+1:

I went to the inspect tab and fetched the request data

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