APM Alerting

Hi there! I'm currently setting up Observability for a .NET application (OpenTelemetry and the .UseAllElasticApm() in Program.cs). The data itself looks very good! However, I've set up some alerting rules if the status of the service is ever critical, and I wanted to test that. In Azure, I shut down my .NET API for 45 minutes ish, but my alert never kicked in. After taking another look it still stated the application as "Healthy"

I will attach a picture in which you can see all the "traffic" stopped in that period. So my question here is, how can I make an alert that notifies me when the service itself is going down, and not just the requests on the fly (Because of course no requests will come in if the app itself is down.)

Thanks in advance for anyone who will try to give their input or help me! :slight_smile: