Monitoring/Alerting a windows service by Elastic Agent and Fleet

This topic will be regarding the post I made few days ago on monitoring a windows service, this time in the Elastic Cloud. Not really a problem but a new solution I found while exploring the things arround Elastic-Agent and Fleet.

By setting up an Elastic-agent and applying the Windows integration in the "Add integrations" page, once everything is done, check the dashboard of windows services that was generated and you may see the services running in the machine just like in the image bellow:

If your configurations are default, all this data will also be sent to your index "metrics-*" (you can check the data in the Discover page).Once you see the metrics coming in, all that's left is making a rule in the Security alerts; I say in the Security because in the Observability alerts I couldn't find the "Custom Query" type. In case you don't have Security configured in your cluster, there might be an error in the page because you don't have the views working. But it won't affect you in making the alerts.

I made one to monitor the local apm-server service I have to run a self-management elastic stack and it looks just like that:

It not only helped in my case but also opened alot of new possibilities so I wanted to share the process in case anyone faces a similar problem.

Best regards!

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Thanks for sharing @SamuelSMendes !!

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