Applied base filter to timelion

So in timelion you can do something like this: .es('user="bob"').divide(.es())

I would like to apply a base filter, is there a way to do it without duplicating the filter like this: .es('user="bob" AND type="singer"').divide(.es(type="singer"))



I don't think this is working or expected to work now. I am tagging @lukeelmers see if my assumption is wrong.


Hi @Shay_Tsadok,

It sounds like what you are looking for is the concept of variables in timelion which, unfortunately, is not formally implemented today. Timelion does have the concept of variables under the hood, but it is not feature complete or stable, and thus could change at any time.

You can find a bit more context on this in the discussion on the original issue, or follow along with the issue containing current feature request.

Outside of variables, there's no way I'm aware of to avoid this type of duplication.

Hope this helps a bit!


Thanks Luke for the clarification.

I had that question opened before in Stackoverflow, here is the link:

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