Apply grouping in visualization

i need to visualize 2 dependent fields in one diagram such that the following simple scenario is fulfilled:
for every message in response, field "f1" is unique but field "f2" could be repetitive. Then the goal is to display the average value of "f1" per "f2". IOW, i'm looking for a way to group "f1" based on "f2".

how is that possible in kibana?

Hi @bahare_hoseini ,

Sounds like you're looking for the Average Aggregation. Here's an example of the Data Table visualization showing an average of "f2" for each unique "f1":

@Larry_Gregory tnx a lot.
My only question is that what type of fields could be included in the first combobox, where u selected f2. As I can't see my own f2 and some other fields in the combobox.

You'll only be able to take an average against a numeric field. If you inspect your index mapping, it will tell you which data type each field is indexed as.

Thank u.
I tried to extract my desired field by "dissect" plugin. Do i need to mention the type (which is number) of dissected field somewhere?

Taking a quick glance at the docs, it looks like you can tell dissect how to convert the fields into your desired data type:

For more help with dissect, I'd recommend asking in the Logstash topic

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