Are allowed private SaaS and private package redistribution by the Elastic License?


We would like to offer an internal service (log analysis, metrics and APM) using the Elastic Stack and propose this service across multiple teams by providing a centralized shared installation on the one hand and a custom distribution on the other hand (custom config...)

However the Elastic License forbid the use of X-Pack modules for providing time-sharing services.

In our case, the Elastic Stack will only be used for our internal datacenter and applicatons, not to provide public SaaS or public cloud services. Likewise, we'll do not redistribute the stack outside.

In this case, are we allowed to use the free modules included in X-Pack (like the frozen indices, APM UI...) ?


For questions about the terms of the license, please contact (as described in the license text).

We cannot provide legal advice here (nor should you trust legal advice from a public forum).

Ok, I understand. Thank you for your response.

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